Coral Springs 911 Call Center Addition

A 7,000 SF addition on top of an existing two-story building, which will be the City’s new 911 Call Center. Acoustic wall panels, computer floor, high tech wiring, and lighting all installed over the existing 911 main frame computer located on the second floor below, which had 3 roofs on top of and had to be demolished, while still keeping the 2nd floor watertight.

“You not only completed all work weeks ahead of schedule, but also with minimal interruption to daily functions.  Thank you for providing an extremely high quality level of construction in a short period of time.”
-Frederick J. Ferrara, Special Operations Commander, City of Coral Springs

Cost of Project: $707,000

Firm’s Responsibility: General Contractor 

Location of Project: 
1200 Coral Springs Drive 
Coral Springs, Florida